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Welcome to Vanita Vishram Primary School

English Medium:

Dr. Premlilaben V.T. Primary School for girls started in 1977 with only 159 students from 1st to 7th Std. is on its way to complete its 42 years, so it is right time to glance in to the vista of education. Our school provides education to 2500 students in English Medium. The school has spacious ventilated class rooms, well – furnished Computer Rooms providing computers to each student.  Library, Language Lab, Fully A.C. Knowledge centre, huge playground, Interactive Boards in class rooms, Installed Camera in each class rooms.


From the desk of Chairman

Dr. P. K. Desai Chairman

Vanita Vishram is a century-old non-profit organization whose activities are planned and designed to fulfill the mission of the founders, viz., to ensure upliftment and self-reliance of women in our society. Founded in the year 1907 by Late Smt. Shivgauriben Gajjar and Late Smt. Bajigauriben Munshi, Vanita Vishram has always been striving hard to fulfill the mission and vision of its founders.

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From the desk of Principal
( Gujarati Medium )

શ્રીમતી અમિષાબેન એ. દેસાઈ એમ.એ., એમ.એડ.

We strive to emphasize an overall development in our students, to identify individual potentials and fan these embers into contagious flames that result in a larger culturally sensitive and yet modern society.

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From the desk of Principal
( English Medium )

Mrs. Rajul Mehta

The aim of culture is perfection. The aim of knowledge is learning. The aim of education is character building.” Dr. P.V.T. Primary Girls’ School [English Medium] has always endeavored to fulfill the social need of quality education along with co-curricular and life skill activities .

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From the desk of Principal
( Prayogik)

Mrs. Gauriben G. Zala

વનિતા વિશ્રામ સંસ્થાના સ્થાપક સ્વ. બાજીગૌરીબેન ડી. મુનશી અને સ્વ. શિવગૌરીબેન કે. ગજ્જરને નતમસ્તક પ્રણામ. વનિતા વિશ્રામ પ્રાયોગિક શાળામાં છેલ્લા ૨૮ વર્ષથી શિક્ષક તરીકેનું કાર્ય કરનાર. હું ગૌરીબેન જી. ઝાલા શાળાના ટ્રસ્ટીગણનો હ્રદયપૂર્વક આભાર વ્યક્ત કરું છું.

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